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J. M. Smith

Genres & Themes
Fantasy, Children in Care, Mental Health

"It seems the cooler the name, the worse its been. A True Home for Children with Difficulties, more like A Truly Difficult Home for Children."


Tony Plumb and the Moles of Ellodian

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If your mind housed a spy, what secrets would it spill?

Harbouring troubling memories of time in care, Tony struggles to keep his mind on track. Prone to episodes in ‘Madsville’ and bombarded by thought chariots carrying unwanted baggage from the past, he’s smuggled to Ellodian by the rule dodging social worker, Ms Bendy Leggett.

At this spooky, curious, underground facility, Tony’s history intertwines with the present and the task of answering three crucial life–changing questions cannot be avoided.

With help from good friends and therapy, Tony challenges authority, rights wrongs and makes enemies, until he finally comes to understand the nature of his conundrums, the meaning of the word family and the darkest secret of all; what really happened at the waterfall? 

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