Loyal Lyre still offers custom services for writers, particularly catering for new authors. All services are tailored for the writer's requirements, and can be negotiated on a one-to-one basis. The primary services are below, but I also offer alpha reading and developmental editing.

Beta Reading

Beta reading is a hugely popular way of having your manuscript critiqued and reviewed without the added fear of negative feedback publicised, and without the sometimes extreme costs of multiple editing, which for a self-pubber might not be an option. The intent of a beta read is to notice flaws in any aspect of your manuscript that takes the reader out of the story.

Your book should be complete, and had a least one full edit by yourself or a hired editor (otherwise, you might want an alpha reader or developmental editor), so a good overview of the characters, story, plot and events can be provided. Typos and grammatical errors are not usually part of a beta read, but they will be pointed out if there seems to be a recurring issue with certain words.

Get in touch for a free first chapter (or first couple if chapters are short) read to see if we are compatible.


A beta read will include analysis of the following:

- Full beta read

- Inline commentary in your Word doc for immediate reaction (I can work with PDFs if absolutely necessary - I don't work with Google Docs)

- Assessment of characters and conflict/s

- Readability and comprehensibility

- Storyline and theme/s

- Structure, POV and continuity

- Pace, urgency and captivation

- Specific attention of your choice if required, eg. help with dialect or context if your book is set in Britain and you're not a native

- Highlight any persistent spelling errors (their/there/they're and the like)

- Summary report of above factors, likes, dislikes and recommended improvement

0.70GBP per 1000 words. turnaround depends on length, but average a week per 50k words. Payment via Paypal in two instalments.


Urgent MS reads will incur a premium, get in touch for a quote.

Email with your requirements or contact here.

Recent Beta Read Testimonials

Jessica provided the most thorough feedback I’ve received on my manuscript so far! She had a wealth of historical knowledge to share with me, as well as some really terrific insight for my characters’ motives and personalities. Her line by line comments were a ton of fun to poke through, and her notes at the end of each chapter were in-depth and quite helpful. Jessica also provided a quick turnaround and a very fair price. I highly recommend her services!


A very good beta read - very comprehensive reader's report, covering numerous aspects of the book (both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism). Very nice use of inline notes to give impressions of the book in-read (and places where I made logical screw-ups). I I used 'very' this many times in a row in my book, I'm sure Jess would have pointed it out. Unreserved recommendation.


Amazing, amazing feedback! I would have expected to pay considerably more for such detailed and thoughtful notes. Highly recommended.


BETA READ #1: Sensational value for money from Jess. She delivered well in advance of the delivery date and her report on my manuscripts was detailed, fair and insightful. The comments Jess left in the manuscript showed she was really engaged in the story and provided a combination of motivating positive feedback and really useful ideas and suggestions. I now have a very clear idea of what I need to do to improve my manuscript. I would not hesitate to use Loyal Lyre's services again. Highly recommended.

BETA READ #2: This was the second time I'd engaged Jess in a short period of time, and yet again she delivered a great service. Really encouraging feedback and some sage advice for my next steps.


Jess's feedback was phenomenal. The Reader report was comprehensive and well-reasoned, with a good balance of commending what worked and pointing out areas for improvement. Even better were the annotations in the novel itself, giving a 'live' commentary of what Jess was thinking and feeling as she read the book. And all of this was delivered way ahead of deadline. I am stunned at how brilliant this gig was and now I have masses of constructive feedback to help e edit my book. I've already personally recommended Jess to a friend, who has booked a gig with her today. I will DEFINITELY be using her again myself. Thank you so much, Jess!


Other services

MS Formatting

Line Editing

I offer three levels of line-editing as is standard in the industry. Please enquire for a custom quote.

Level 1: Proofreading,  Level 2: Light edit, Level 3: Heavy edit

With your stylistic input, I can provide either semi-automated formatting or full manual formatting for your MS. Semi-automated is a lot cheaper, and quotes depend on length and comlexity of style.


If you don't have the software or savvy to put your book covers in mockup format then I can do this cheaply and simply for you. Get in touch with your requirements for a quote. 

Review Requests

Kindly note, I will review books that be either loaded or downloaded to a Kindle, in PAPERBACK or AUDIO. I cannot accept any e-format that doesn't work on a Kindle as I do not read for pleasure on my computer - it's too uncomfortable!

I accept requests for all genres, but do not be offended if I decide not to read your book this time around. However, feel free to enquire about another book in the future.


I especially - but not restrictively - invite requests from brand new authors. 

ARC Reviews

I accept enquiries about reviewing ARCs of books ready for release date. Send me a message with the blurb, expected release date and required deadline for review submission.

Published Book Reviews

I also accept enquiries about reviewing already published books. Send me a message with the blurb, and I'll see what I can do!