Michael P. Lewis

Michael beta read Loyal Lyre's In Perpetuity

"Michael  advertised as brutally honest feedback, so naturally I gravitated that  way. He wasn't wrong, but, he wasn't an arse about it. You need honest  and direct feedback if you want to know how your work is received by  readers, and especially at the stage you haven't finished it, because  that's the version you don't want out there!! Go to him if you're scared  of feedback, because you need to thicken up your skin. Go there if  you're not, because you give him a challenge."

- Jessica O'Toole, author of In Perpetuity

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  • beta reading
    $0.002 per word
    includes inline comments and detailed summary analysis, half up front half upon completion

  • copyediting
    $0.0092 (serious editing)
    involves in-depth analysis, track changes, inline comments, open dialogue and strategy for developing your story to its fullest

  • proofreading
    $0.003 per word
    track changes, half up front and half upon completion – withhold commentary as I’m focused on grammar, structure, and spelling

  • formatting
    $60 flat.
    I  take your raw word docs and manually build both epub and mobi files  using raw html code, no conversion algorithm. I can embed fonts, images,  fancy designs and neat effects like text msg bubbles etc.
    For $100 as above but I’ll also build your print-ready pdf

  • covers
    I can build a solid cover if you know what you want but as you can see I’m clueless as to what’s going to sell more books


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What Michael doesn't read

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Don't take my word for it, read what others are saying:

Josh Dunne

“I have recently had the pleasure of Michael going over my work, and I can honestly say he helped me immensely!

Given  that my story is M/M erotica and Michael is heterosexual, I'm very  grateful that he was professional enough to comment on the work as it  is, and not shy away from it.

I'm  also impressed at how able he was to point out my errors on readability  and description, because it really makes the story flow better when you  have that kind of input.

I will not hesitate to recommend Michael for beta reading, and I can't wait to read some of his work!”