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Swati Hegde

Swati beta read Loyal Lyre's In Perpetuity

"Swati  obviously impressed, or she wouldn't be listed. Her help filtering out  the themes and characters in a difficult sci-fi dystopic mystery-type  helped unravel exactly what I was trying to say, which was certainly  stuck under a ton of lead for a fair while. You want honest and fair  betas who don't beat around the bush, and whose advice is impartial and  succinct - Swati delivered, and I'd use her again if i could get in her  bulging diary!"

- Jessica O'Toole, author of In Perpetuity

Michael P. Lewis

Michael beta read Loyal Lyre's In Perpetuity

"Michael  advertised as brutally honest feedback, so naturally I gravitated that  way. He wasn't wrong, but, he wasn't an arse about it. You need honest  and direct feedback if you want to know how your work is received by  readers, and especially at the stage you haven't finished it, because  that's the version you don't want out there!! Go to him if you're scared  of feedback, because you need to thicken up your skin. Go there if  you're not, because you give him a challenge."

- Jessica O'Toole, author of In Perpetuity

Sara Sykora

Sara proof read Loyal Lyre's In Perpetuity

"I  almost didn't get Sara on this project as she was so busy, but an  opening came up and voila! Clear, precise feedback with page numbers,  corrections needed.

All  those niggling little things you notice when you've printed and  published and you didn't get a proofreader came up, and I'm so glad I  took the leap.

No  issues with the separation of our old US and UK English, and swift  delivery. All errors post Sara proofing it were my own, as I added more  stuff...

Pleasure to do business with, wholly recommended."

- Jessica O'Toole, author of In Perpetuity

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