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“They are ill discoverers that think there is no land when they can see nothing but sea.” 

― Francis Bacon

Loyal Lyre reviews one indie book per month (unless exceptional circumstances apply) - more if possible. All books are purchased and reviewed in paperback format only, for now.

Do you have a fabulous book you'd like featured on this website? Then, if you fit the below criteria, fill out the short form below.

  • You're an indie author or with a small press, or you self-publish

  • Your book is available in paperback - ebook versions are currently not being reviewed

  • You have one isolated book to submit, or

  • You have the first in a series to submit (if your series is very long, it may be limited to a first-book feature, it depends on time and how amazing it is because I may just go and read them all)

  • Any genre is accepted for submission, however, time and taste will dictate which books are featured - no submissions can be guaranteed acceptance

  • Fiction and non-fiction are accepted

  • No reviews yet?- Great books have to start somewhere!

Your book will be reviewed honestly on (but not limited to):

  • story and character merit (if novels)

  • research and content (if non-fiction)

  • overall writing quality

There is no guarantee of a high rating if your book is accepted. If your book receives a 4 or 5 rating on this site you may be invited to be interviewed for an Author Spotlight. Regardless of rating your book will:

  • Receive a review posted on Loyal Lyre's blog

  • Be reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads (additional review sites are available on request)

  • Receive a book page on this site with links to purchase on Amazon (additional sites on request)

Remember, ultimately these are books preferred and promoted by Loyal Lyre, and so please don't feel bad if your book isn't chosen this time - Loyal Lyre is not a huge team so time is short. You can always submit another book in the future.

Indie authors create fantastic work, and review levels are not a deciding factor for this request. You can have zero reviews and still request. In fact, finding a relatively unknown piece of beauty is not exactly a loss!

Book of the Month Request

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