For fully completed, edited and proofread books:


- physical PDF

- mobi

- epub

- nook

- kobo


I use Vellum, a Mac program designed specifically for this use. The manual formatting for manuscripts includes margins, indentation, gutters etc. and these are the elements processed automatically for Vellum, so the content can be the focus, as it should be.


We'll work together with the design you'd like and discuss what can be done to develop your manuscript into readable and fresh published material.


You must ensure your file is:


  • complete - edited, proofed and laid out in chapters/parts as you require in the final version
  • in Microsoft Word format
  • arranged with chapters in a "Heading" format


After purchase I will get in touch to work with you on your manuscript.


Delivery times:


up to 50k - Standard 3 days, Extra-fast 1 day

up to 100k - Standard 5 days, Extra-fast 3 days

up to 150k - Standard 7 days, Extra-fast 5 days

up to 200k - Standard 9 days, Extra-fast 7 days


Choose your word count and speed to purchase now! Secure payment via Paypal or Wix - look for the padlock in the search bar!

Manuscript Formatting

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