"She can keep a secret. Quiet as the grave."

"Give that time."


Genres & Themes

Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering, Cryonics, Ethics, Romance, Nanotech, Frankenstein-esque


An apocalyptic post-Frankenstein vision of what might happen if we sacrifice our humanity to deny our fate.

In a broken future where population wars sunk the world into endless conflict, the desperate masses fled to the safety of subterranean scientific institutes. Thousands of people were frozen in cryonic storage, a rudimentary science, where nobody had ever been revived.

Professor Sebastian Eastman is the only man capable of regenerating them. He locks himself away and starves himself of happiness—every moment counts.

But Sebastian…he’s just been handed a death sentence. The decision he makes might sacrifice humanity as he knows it.

It’s the end of the world. The end of everyone. What would you do?

In Perpetuity - ePub

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    Gloucestershire, UK

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