Loyal Lyre Handmade Casebound 100% Cotton Notebook for Scribblers


For the special scribbler is your life, the gift of a beautifully hand-bound and hand-covered notebook for all those ideas on the go is perfect any time of the year.


Loyal Lyre Casebound Cotton Cloth Notebooks are Made to Order


- Your choice of binding cloth on 3mm dense chipboard


- Hand cut & sewn text block of 72 leaves


- Your choice of beautiful endpapers of 250 GSM quality card prints, which bear either foil or glitter embellishments - they don't have to match!


- 6.5" x 4.5" + 0.75" width (spine) cover


- Premium Cream paper A6 size


Customised/personalised (additional cost)


- For customised covers in vinyl or iron-on foil - your choice of text or images to fit 5" x 3.5" on cover. Both front and reverse covers can be customised - see details for prices and colours.


Take a look at Loyal Lyre's InfiniTotes range for bags to carry these beautiful notebooks, with vinyl, foil or embroidery embellishments!


If you have any questions before placing an order, please get in touch.


Happy writing!

Loyal Lyre

Handmade Casebound Notebook - Red Hearts 100% Cotton - Blank Paper

Cover Embellishment
End Paper
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