The Fate of Vultures: Volume One

"Whatever happens, it won't be the end."

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Genres & Themes
Light Fantasy, Coming-of-age, Sword & Sorcery, Adventure Fantasy, Romance 

Telena knows she’s special. Her brother, Aznee, sees things differently. But as Telena engrosses herself with the ancient books from the library, Aznee discovers maybe there is more to his sister’s future than he can imagine.

Within the pages Old Prenitia burns. In the hands of a usurper king and an evil necromancer, the vulnerable settlements are wiped out, and loyal minister, Keno, is running out of time to stop them.

Shy outcast Leyna and cheery carpenter Murray find their blossoming love affair torn apart by desolation, leaving Leyna forced to travel alone with Murray’s contemptuous brother, Adri. While their fate is claimed by a mysterious sorceress, Murray, and warrior Cora, are both haunted by their pasts as deeper challenges and long-held secrets tarnish their journey.

Can they maintain solidarity and search for a saviour in the presence of the unbelievable? Will any of them truly be able to pull Prenitia from this darkest of times?

When Telena delved into the dusty books she could never have guessed her own dark journey with these mythical names had but begun.

The Fate of Vultures is a light fantasy tale of family, fortitude and love.

The Price of Sanctuary: Volume Two

"Make sure this nightmare never happens..."

Genres & Themes
Dark Fantasy, Swords & Sorcery, Mythical Creatures, Gods & Goddesses, Romance, Adult Themes

The battle for Matara was long ago; peace is finally on the horizon in Prenitia. But through heartbreak and a twist of fate Cora and Carrta find themselves trapped in enemy territory whose intentions are unclear and devastating, and will destroy their understanding of the world. 

Meanwhile, after a painful estrangement Leyna and Adri reunite on a journey to the goddess’ realm, only to be consumed by ancient magic and faced head-on with harrowing futures in whose stark foundations they may be helpless in preventing. 

Drawn back to the chronicles Telena seeks answers to a mystery of which she emerges at the heart. Can the legendary names fight their way to freedom before their lives, liberties and the entire south are made prey to their own darkest fears? And should Telena put faith in strangers who show her a world from which she may never be able to turn?

When peace is so desperately needed there is only one way to earn it.

The Price of Sanctuary explores the darker side of magic in a tale of loss, diligence and hope.

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Part One of the Finale

Coming 2021

The Bond of Fractures, Volume Three
Part One: Before We Fall

Loyal Lyre
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Gloucestershire, UK

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