Start of an Indie New Year

2019 saw the first months of Loyal Lyre's indie review Book(s) of the Month, and there was quite a mixed bag, certainly something for everyone, plus some of my favourite series coming to an end. For now... Or forever...

September 2019 saw A Time of Prophecy by Rebecca Crunden, bringing her Outlands Pentalogy series to a close. Anyone who's already seen my reviews on that series prior to shifting to my imprint, well, you'll know how much I dig them. I love them and if you like adult dystopian sci-fi fantasy mixes with just utterly devastating and exhilarating unravellings this may be the series for you.

The Ghosts of Glenaster was the third book and second winding up of another favourite series of mine, The Glenaster Chronicles (I do love chronicles) by Jonathan Mills. Beautifully written, rich and epic, Esther's tale of losing her home and finding her destiny was a gem waiting to be found on my ridiculously long Kindle list for ages, and now I gift the knowledge to you.

October brought a different kind of book to my door (because they're paperback and I get them delivered through that ancient of things, a letterbox) - American Doll by James Lawless tells of the broken lives of a prison social worker and American student in Ireland. A contemporary tale of the devastating effect 9/11 had on an Irish-American family, and the journey to break down personal, and disturbing, walls that were erected in its place. Anyone who loves a complex tale you need to pay attention to should give it a go.

November was a romantic month for this Scorpio, as it should be, and I got to read a book I beta read a while back and was thoroughly excited for because I loved it back then and it's polished up a dream. Safe for Now by Suze Robinson, tells the story of a woman running from her past, and fighting her way into her future - but if they both meet, she may have nowhere to go. You get a deeper story than the average romance, a heroine you can care about and root for and a book boyfriend all in one. Not bad odds.

Some life things got in the way of my other November book, which became my December book, and rounded out the year. Grendel's Mother by Diana Stout may sound familiar to those who know their Old English epic poetry. Based on the Beowulf character, we follow the unfortunate girl, raped in a forest and then thrown to a dragon, as she manoeuvres her way alone and pregnant through the harshness of Nature. Swift and punchy, anyone who likes a bit of historical inspiration in their book world.

So, 2019 gone, 2020 in full swing and the next book being read right now, I'm excited to see what the new year, and our new decade offers. Here's to the Twenties!

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