Something (colloquially) wicked this way comes


For want of uncorking the fizzy wine too early, firstly I am terribly happy to have finished the first draft of the first part of my next book, the third, and penultimate, book in the Of Preludes & Epitaphs series. My metaphorical baby not only resembled an elephant baby instead of a human, it also came as a surprise when it turned out to be twins.

It still has gestating to do, a bit (a lot) of morphing and refining, but Before We Fall, part one of The Bond of Fractures: Volume Three is-a-coming, though some months away, and a release date will be set in due course.

The second exciting news, but also not quite ready to release to the world, will be shared shortly, but in the meantime (and in relation) we're looking to connect to those who are deeply involved in the indie writing world, who have valuable experience and knowledge about the indie writing world and might like to share it with a wider audience in the very near future.

You can get in touch at Keep your ears and eyes peeled!


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