Loyal Lyre Writerware Store Now Open!

It's been a while coming, and in between general life kerfuffle I've managed to put together some other artefacts of my creative life - these are, things for writers, or people who love them.

Where do I go?


How do I not spend too much money?

Well, sign up to my newsletter and get a code for 20% off YOUR WHOLE ORDER for the whole of January to celebrate the new year and new things.

What you got?

Handmade casebound customisable notebooks, inspiring pennants, custom mugs and waterproof book bags (also customisable) thus far...

I handmake and/or hand print/decorate (can't make actual mugs in my shed...) all my Writerware, and am always open to new ideas to make writers lives easier, more fulfilled or more inspired.

I also take custom orders of things that aren't up in the shop - it takes time to design and prepare and print, sew, or cut and glue and wait to make things available, but if you want custom pennant or a specific size notebook, or maybe a book bag of a different material or a custom shiny vinyl sticker for your own notebook etc. get in touch, I might just be able to sort something out.

Just cause it's not there now, doesn't mean it can't be...

Oi! No international delivery?

There will be very shortly! I'm just collating costs and I'll stick up international delivery (that is anywhere outside the UK). Sign up to the newsletter and you'll get informed of this :)

Happy New Year!

Jess at Loyal Lyre

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