2020s Books of the Month

Another year gone and another stack of new independent author books to add to the read list. Well, not for me, I've read them of course!

Here's the rundown of all the books fromLoyal Lyre's 2020s Book of the Month:

Tony Plumb and the Moles of Ellodian by J. M. Smith is the compelling grounded fantasy tale of a boy trying to discover who he is, and Hypnogogic Shifters: Superposition by Penelope M. Fernandez a seriously mind-bending science-fiction tale of a simple man's place in the universe.

Greater Than the Still by Sarah Dayan is an endearing collection of stories of numerous people in New York share a life-changing moment after meeting one woman, and Connect for Classroom Success by R. Janet Walraven compiles real-life tales from the career of an experienced teacher, with both insightful and absorbing advice for anyone involved in education.

Allies by Keegan Eichelman is a fantasy novella where a spoilt princess and a lowly worker join forces to change a kingdom, and The Horn of Dawn by Hadder Martinez is an extraordinarily complex and thrilling fantasy series debut whose depth and scope is mindblowing.

The Last Noah by David Cuff is a mystery tale of two unsuspecting normies precariously thrown into an empty spaceship sometime in the future, and By the Feet of Men by Grant Price a gritty, dystopian tale of finding brotherhood and meaning in a hopeless expanse.

Barely in Time by George Hilislaw is a wonderfully satirical science fiction, set in a not too different present, with some unforgettable characters, and The Truth: The Biggest Cover-up in History by Robert Barry is a compelling and absorbing re-evaluation of the famous artefact, the Holy Grail, and our understanding of what it is, its importance, and why it was hidden.

And finally, Divas, Dogs & Dreamers by Anita Belli, a contemporary romance set in the backdrop of the West End theatreland, and the ups and downs of those who inhabit it.

Excluding a lot of other issues of 2020, it was a great year to discover new indie and self-published authors. Hopefully this list gives you some inspiration to discover some great new books and writers and to support the independent author world.

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