Better Beta Reading

For unpublished manuscripts

Beta reading is fairly new concept in the world of book publishing. It is the go-to for self-published and independent authors alike, and aims to give you a reader's-eye view of your manuscript before you release it to the world and seek advance review readers (ARC). Usually, beta reading is done at the final point before the ARC, however, I cover earlier drafts, too, as long as they are at least draft 2.

I specialise in reading for brand new fiction authors (though all are welcome), and invite all genres. My passion is indepedent authoring and self-publishing, and so I work only directly with authors - no companies. This ensures my focus remains on my fellow indies and self-pubbers, so we can all develop together.

Regardless of service, my beta reads are not for the faint-hearted. I provide a highly in-depth critique and report of your manuscript, and will give you only honest, straightforward and direct opinion of your work - but my praise is as enthusiastic as my critique.

What you get from Better Beta Reading:



  • free 5000 word sample before purchase to ensure our compatibility

  • complete or incomplete manuscripts (must be at least half the novel complete) - or reads can be split where there are multiple parts, or where you'd like to spread payment

  • straightforward, honest and clear inline commentary, usually involving a chapter overview if needed

  • full post-read report which includes, but is not limited to, characters, settings, pace and flow, genre suitability, length

  • overall story review for specified genre/s

  • character evaluation for your primary characters, and essential peripheral ones

  • pace and excitement, and attention on first and second halves (or designated parts)

  • clarity of themes and questions for further exploration

  • plus specified elements you may wish particular attention on, for example historical context, dialect and regional dialogue/accent



Post-read benefits:

  • a free book page on Loyal Lyre when you release, if you publish as a self-pubber or indie author (that is no agent and with a small press/self-published)

  • a new release blog post when you publish

  • an author interview page if you want one on publication (interviews are pre-prepped and self-choice)

  • 20% discount for any writers you recommend to Loyal Lyre

  • a 50% discount on a post-edit second read (reads are limited to 2)


Payment is 50% on assignment, and 50% when ready for delivery

Gold Tier: £1 per 1000 words, includes the most in depth critique and report, and post-read benefits - ideal for brand new authors or those who wish to get a serious overview of their work.

Silver Tier: £0.50 per 1000 words - includes a medium level read and report for books very close to publishing that do not need a thorough critique, but may have niggles to iron out, and post-read benefits.

Extra-fast, gold: +£15

Extra-fast silver: +£10

Delivery times (are up to):


up to 50k - Gold, 5 days, Extra-fast 3 days / Silver, 3 days, Extra-fast 1 day

up to 100k - Gold 8 days, Extra-fast 5 days / Silver, 5 days, Extra-fast 3 days

up to 150k - Gold 11 days, Extra-fast 8 days / Silver, 8 days, Extra-fast 5 days

up to 200k - Gold 14 days, Extra-fast 11 days / Silver, 11 days, Extra-fast 8 days





Throughout March & April

when you book a Gold Tier read

15% discount applies on the Silver Tier

Discount is off total price with any extras and other valid discounts

Custom Orders

I offer customised orders should you be requiring slightly different services. These are tailored and prices vary depending on the order.
  • Developmental Editing

  • Proofreading

  • Typesetting, fully manual, or part-manual

  • Consultation, for those starting out

  • Conversion of completed manuscripts to electronic and PDF (print-ready) format

Recent Testimonials

Kindly note, I no longer use Fiverr to provide services.

Suze R.jpg

"I had the great pleasure of working with Jessica for two of my works. Her read throughs and notes helped me tremendously with the development of both.


She could pinpoint the inconsistencies in plot and structure, while presenting the issues in a way that supported my writing while giving honest critiques.


With her help, I was able to sell one to a publisher and self publish the other. I highly recommend her for beta reading if you want a successful novel to show the world."


Suze Robinson, author of Safe for Now


"Jess's feedback was phenomenal. The reader report was comprehensive and well-reasoned, with a good balance of commending what worked and pointing out areas for improvement.


Even better were the annotations in the novel itself, giving a 'live' commentary of what Jess was thinking and feeling as she read the book. And all of this was delivered way ahead of deadline. I am stunned at how brilliant this gig was and I now have masses of constructive feedback to help me edit my book.


I've already personally recommended Jess to a friend, who has booked a gig with her today. I will DEFINITELY be using her again myself. Thank you so much, Jess!"

Richard Millichip, Middle Grade Fantasy MS in development, via Fiverr



"Sensational value for money from Jess. She delivered well in advance of the delivery date and her report on my manuscript was detailed, fair and insightful.


The comments Jess left in the manuscript showed she was really engaged in the story and provided a combination of motivating positive feedback and really useful ideas and suggestions. I now have a very clear idea of what I need to do to improve my manuscript.


I would not hesitate to use Loyal Lyre's services again. Highly recommended."


This was the second time I'd engaged Jess in a short period of time, and yet again she delivered a great service. Really encouraging feedback and some very sage advice for my next steps.

Darren Johns, Crime/Mystery MS in development, via Fiverr

"Amazing, amazing feedback. I would have expected to pay considerably more for such detailed and thoughtful notes. Highly recommended."

Grace Barber, Contemporary Romance MS in development, via Fiverr

"A very good beta read — very comprehensive reader's report, covering numerous aspects of the book (both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism). Very nice use of inline notes to give impressions of the book in-read (and places where I made logical screw-ups). If I used "very" this many times in a row in my book, I'm sure Jess would have pointed it out. Unreserved recommendation."​

Matthew Prinsen, Urban Fantasy MS in development, via Fiverr

“Jessica provided the most thorough feedback I’ve received on my manuscript so far! She had a wealth of historical knowledge to share with me, as well as some really terrific insight for my characters’ motives and personalities. Her line by line comments were a ton of fun to poke through, and her notes at the end of each chapter were in-depth and quite helpful. Jessica also provided a quick turnaround and a very fair price. I highly recommend her services!”

Kelly McAndrews, Contemporary Fantasy MS in development