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Loyal Lyre books

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Of Preludes & Epitaphs Series

"Wherever you have come from, no matter how far, how long ago, how recently, you have come here for the same reason as everyone else around you."

Reviews for The Fate of Vultures and The Price of Sanctuary

"***** Full to the brim with magic and wonder…”

"***** This book is quite extraordinary, it is a breath of fresh air..."

“***** This story is pure magic, and I’m very pleased to learn there’s more still to come…”

“***** No book has engrossed me so much since Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’."


"***** I absolutely adored the first, and this was just as heartachingly beautiful."

In Perpetuity

"***** If you like sci-fi, apocalyptic, Frankenstein, romance, etc., and an extremely well-written book, you will need to read this."

"***** A really compelling read: fast paced and pretty chilling!"

Warring rages across the world. The human race is going extinct. But Sebastian Eastman’s obsession is going to save them all.

Regen is the home of cryonic reawakening; a living memorial to Sebastian’s dead mother. It has the rudimentary technology, the pioneering minds and the perfect plan. There’s only one problem. Nobody’s ever never been awakened from cryosleep, and nobody knows if the thousands of hearts Sebastian’s already stopped will ever warm again.

Then death comes for him.

The discoveries he’s made, and is set to make, might just sacrifice humanity as he knows it...but who will bear the cost?

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Family History for Peanuts!


Stian has committed to ultimate crime of Arde Sapere; now his life lies in the hands of the ruthless Triumvirate. But his part in the future isn't over - he may be the last one who can find the fabled Creator, but whether he likes what he'll find is another matter. Chaya is a short story of betrayal and enlightenment in a dystopian future.

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Ever wanted to start researching your family tree but have been put off by the excessive cost of the big sites?

This little booklet will give you the key to some excellent free sites to start your British & Irish ancestry research, and some tips to start collating your findings.

From a family history researcher and grave hunter of nearly a decade, Family History for peanuts! is ideal for those looking to find affordable ways of learning about their ancestors, or want to test the waters of building a tree before taking the leap in a pricey subscription.

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