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Viking, Fantasy, Adventure, YA

Ingrid: The Viking Maiden



Ingrid desires nothing more than to train as a Viking shield maiden. 

When an ancient evil emerges and threatens the village, Ingrid seizes the opportunity to prove herself. Stowing aboard her father’s dragon ship, she hurtles toward danger and comes face to face with abilities hidden deep within. As she struggles to understand her powers, strange beings, both beautiful and terrifying put her newfound strengths to the test. To make matters worse, she is pulled into Asgard and warned that all the realms are in turmoil. Only Ingrid holds the power to restore peace and order. Plunged into a destiny beyond her wildest dreams, she must decide what to do. How can a simple farm girl change the fate of nine realms? Will she take the risk to find out? 

Amber Magic



Power simmers within Ingrid.

Ingrid seeks the goddess, Eir, who can train her to use her newly discovered magic and ensure humanity’s protection by the gods of Asgard. But time grows short. A dark elf with destructive intentions wants to claim her powers for his own purposes. 

Along with her best friend, her protector, and a cranky dwarf, Ingrid embarks on a quest fraught with challenges—foremost from a mercenary army hired to eliminate magical beings and halt Ingrid’s best chance to find Eir. 

The lines between enemy and ally blur when Ingrid and her companions meet a foreign envoy and a mischievous stranger from Plintze’s past. As Ingrid’s abilities increase, her idyllic dreams of glory clash with reality. What’s worse, Ingrid doesn’t know who to trust.

Will Ingrid find her mentor and learn to harness the power she holds in time to save those she loves?

The Realm of Fate



Everyone Ingrid loves is dead.

Forced into the Elven realm, Ingrid must complete her destiny while navigating her pain and loss. If she doesn’t, an old war between the gods will renew, and she will be a prisoner of the Dark Elf forever.

Unbeknownst to Ingrid, she isn’t alone. Her love—Jorg—and their friends survived the dragon attack and are on a mission to rescue her through realms fraught with perils and magic.

Discovering new talents, accepting the truth of who they are, and battling evils they could never have imagined Ingrid and Jorg collide with a future neither expected. 

Will each become the hero they need to be? Or will the sacrifice they must make be too great?

Book three is the thrilling conclusion to The Viking Maiden series and will keep you enthralled to the very last page.

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