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You've probably heard horror stories at some point about some writer, somewhere, having their work stolen and "republished" by some nefarious individual looking to make a quick buck (or, indeed, far more well-known authors who have been accused of doing it...). Theft of all types of property happens, and it can be devastating, but as with most theft, it is actually not as common as the scare stories will have it appear.

This article is not downplay when it does, but highlight that there are a vast amount of protections in place internationally for authors of all types of work, products or creations. The rules change slightly in regards to use of that work when published (i.e.offered to the public in varied formats), and that's off topic and variable across the world so won't be covered here, but the copyright, i.e. the title to that work, remains with its author, unless expressly waived.


Probably the biggest deal in copyright in the world, the Berne Convention ratified by 173 countries across the world ensured that authors of literary and artistic works enjoyed automatic copyright of their works once created. Initially created in 1888, it had woven its way into copyright legislation across the world. Normally this applies to completed works, however, where there is substantial effort into, for example, an incomplete draft that perhaps


Having proof of your creation has probably never been easier than the modern era. To be able to create


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