Veil of Thorns

Gwen Mitchell

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Skydancer #2

Urban Fantasy

What would you be willing to sacrifice for love? Her true love is cursed in stone. A lover from a past life has found her again. Her powers are not living up to their promise. Nothing is going as Oracle Briana Spurrier envisioned. She abandoned her comfortable lifestyle and high-powered career to take on the mantle of her destiny as a great seer, but since the fateful night that set her on this path, her visions have been quiet. Only a general sense of foreboding, like a storm about to break, dogs her steps. The Syond’s eyes are watching, and somewhere, Lucas Moncrieffe--her half-demon Familiar--is waiting for the opportune moment to pounce. When the answer to her prayers arrives in the cryptic form of one of the Synod’s shadow guards, Bri suspects a trick, but a chance to break Kean’s curse is too tempting to resist. Lucas won’t let her go alone, so the three of them journey into the White Wood, a legendary forest in Romania that is the lair of an ancient enchantress. But the enchantress has plans of her own for this budding Skydancer, and her help will come with a blood price Bri may not be willing to pay.