Jessica Roe

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The Guardians #2

Urban Fantasy

Gable is desperate to find the prison. . . All Fortune wants is to escape it. Pablo is dead and Gable now knows the truth about Sacha's disappearance. She will do whatever it takes to find him and bring him home, even if that means partnering up with those she despises the most – the Guardians. It's been almost two years since Fortune was captured and locked away in his underground prison cell to be tested on by Pablo and his people. He remains positive that he will one day escape, but his cellmate, Sacha, is slowly losing hope. While Fortune fights a war inside the prison to keep his friend sane, Gable will battle outside to find them. The Guardians, the Outcasts and Gable will all join as one to find the missing Outcasts, will fight as one to keep them safe, and will do anything it takes to bring them home. Together, they will be united.