Gregg Maxwell Parker

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Science Fiction, Time Travel

"We hate school, but trust me, it doesn’t like us either."
- Carlos in "Troublemakers"

There's  the athletes, the straight-A students, the jazz band, the computer  club... and then there's these kids. Meet Carlos, Tina, and Byron, three  sixth graders who have two objectives in life: to avoid homework at all  costs and to make lots of money so they can buy a sweet car and learn  to drive it. Their knack for get-rich-quick schemes and clever methods  of cheating are only surpassed by their failure to notice how badly most  of their plans blow up in their faces.

Gregg Maxwell Parker’s  first title for middle grade and young adult readers will take you on a  side-splitting, rude, and somehow encouraging ride through the perils of  middle school with three kids who absolutely refuse to be told what to  do. Whether dreaming up ways to con classmates out of their allowances,  going to incredible lengths to jump on a trampoline, or navigating the  ins and outs of snack-based time travel, they've always got something up  their sleeves, even if it usually ends up getting them detention.

This  book is for anyone who knows what the inside of the principal's office  looks like, who looks at the happy families on TV like a dog looks at a  smartphone, and who can't fathom why any sane person would ever want to  become a teacher.

Get ready: this one will be a blast for troublemakers of all ages.