The Unicorn Throne

Chrys Cymri

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The Four Kingdoms #2


Fianna has been crowned as Keeper of the Dragon Throne. But the Queen faces many challenges both within and outside the Fourth Kingdom. Some of her own knights still hold her four year absence from the royal court against her. The Prancer serves her willingly as Queen's Champion, but only because he is unaware of the secret she is keeping from him. The dragons have not forgiven her for refusing to sacrifice the unicorn. And she finds herself torn between Deian, the pig herder she had known during her exile, and Jeremy, her squire. Fianna searches for the third part of the Summoning Ring, hoping that the control this would give her over the dragons could help her kingdom in the coming war. And Deian has his own journey to make, as he is drawn deep into the lives and time-bending plots of the dragon Family. Whether human or unicorn, the greatest wars are not fought on the battlefield, but in the heart.