The Truth - The Biggest Cover-Up In History

Robert Barry

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Holy Grail, History

The Grail is the most sought after artefact in human history. For two thousand years we have searched for it. We stole, cheated, and killed for it. We started wars in pursuit of its powers. The hunt for the Grail never diminished over the ages but rather intensified. In spite of the continued quest for the Grail, when it couldn’t be found, it passed into legend. However, just because something hasn’t been found does not mean it does not exist. Found in the capital city of the last empire on earth, the Grail does exist. The reason why it hasn’t been found until now is because we were looking in the wrong direction. The true Grail cannot be moved, it cannot be stolen and thus it cannot be the proprietorship of a single individual. The Grail was created for all who have the courage to use it, but until now, it has remained unmoved and unused for almost two thousand years. I will reveal what the true Grail is, show you where to find it and give you detailed instructions how to use it. I will also endeavour to describe to you what will happen when you do. It’s time now.

Book of the Month: November 2020