The Patient from Silvertree

Marian Dribus

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Coming of Age, Family Saga, Multigenerational Fiction

Lisa is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in Silvertree, a town where an illegal medical experiment was conducted many years ago by a man named Peterson. Lisa's parents are drifting apart: her father works long hours as a doctor, and her mother is stuck in the past. A dying woman arrives at Lisa's house and demands to be treated with the drug Peterson invented. Lisa expects her father to refuse, but he agrees, and Lisa's whole life is turned upside down. When an inquisitive stranger appears in Silvertree and starts asking questions, Lisa realizes her family is in danger. Desperate to protect her father, she finds herself keeping secrets from everyone except the boy of her dreams--but can he be trusted?

Loyal Lyre
An Indie Publisher
Gloucestershire, UK

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