The Impacted Book 1: Ivy

Adam Snowflake

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Long ago there was a virus. It was extreme. The doctors did everything to cure it and they did! But the people who were cured changed. They developed abilities! But some of the people with these abilities lost their minds and now only use their powers to destroy. Two groups came out of the chaos that these people known as "The Corrupted" cause. Team Xoa who capture them and hand them into the government for experimental  testing, and team Rotiesta who mercy kill them. This book follows one teenager, Ivy Pots, as she deals with being recruited by team Rotiesta as the Corrupted run amuck in her home town of Marietta, Georgia. Finding  her footing, she'll find right where she belongs and choose for herself what she feels is right during this moral conflict.

(This book contains dark themes, and depictions of self harm.)