The Ghosts of Glenaster

Jonathan Mills

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The Glenaster Chronicles #3


Thomas Taper has returned from the nameless lands, to the joy of Esther Lanark and her friends - yet a shadow hangs over him, and over the empire, as news arrives from the capital that the emperor is dead. Many powerful people covet the crown, but none are more dangerous than Lord Anguis, a sorcerer from the Spike Lands, a distant and strange country at the very edges of the known world. As the awful truth about Lord Anguis begins to emerge, Esther and Thomas realize that they must journey together once more, to find a lord from a forgotten house who may hold the key to saving the empire. But this lord has his own secrets, and Thomas, too, is not the man he was - can Esther save him, and herself, from the darkness that threatens to engulf them all?

Book of the Month: September 2019