The Earl's Enchanting Escapade

Daphne du Bois

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Dastardly Lords #3

Regency, Romance

Against all odds, they have stumbled into something a lot like love...

A year ago, the Earl of Morton saved Lady Fiona Axham from a sudden squall, and then ruined her good impression of him by abducting her best friend as part of an elaborate revenge plot. And now, they are to be thrown together again for a whole week in the country... Intolerable! Every summer, Lady Fiona lives in dread of her match-making mother’s annual country party, but this year promises to be even worse than usual. Fiona knows that her mother will make every effort to throw her at all the eligible bachelors, including the glacial Lord Morton. One thing is certain: with a novel to finish, her cousin’s love-life to untangle, and her father’s brewing horticultural rivalry with a neighbouring peer set to explode any day now, she has no time for love, and even less for notorious rakes like Morton. Lord Morton is easily the most dangerous man in London – and the coldest! And he has no truck with silly debutantes. When he accepts an invitation to a dull country party against his better judgement, the very last thing he intends is to become embroiled in a series of absurd escapades with the witty and irreverent Lady Fiona Axham. Neither of them has the least intention of falling in love, but when they are caught up in a maelstrom of school-boy pranks, star-crossed lovers, and the Annual Midsummer Surrey Fruit and Vegetable Exposition, all resistance proves surprisingly futile. A clean Regency romance in the style of Georgette Heyer...