Something Real

Jessica Roe

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Fortunate #2


Jemma Peeters knows exactly what she wants out of life, right down to the very last detail. She has it all planned out – the perfect career, the perfect husband, the perfect family. It's going to be. . .well, perfect. She knows how she wants things, and even how her perfect man will be. Reid Padin is NOT it. He's dangerously sexy and annoyingly arrogant. He smokes too much, drinks too much and drives his stupid motorcycle way too fast. He curses like a sailor and goes through so many women he can't even remember their names. He's wrong for her in every way. So why can't she stay away from him? When Jemma accidentally stumbles into the tattoo shop where Reid works, an unlikely friendship is born. He'll give her freedom, he'll make her feel things she's never felt before, he'll show her that she's just as flawed as anyone else. Soon, lines are crossed, boundaries are obliterated and Jemma learns that a person's imperfections are kind of what makes them perfect. He wants her, she wants him, and only her stubbornness will stand in their way.