Red Blood

Kaitlyn Legaspi

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Card Holders #1

Young Adult, Fantasy

There are two kinds of people in  this world: the bound and unbound. The unbound are born with unnatural,  inhuman abilities. While having powers may come with its perks, to be  unbound is to be cursed. Unbound individuals are treated as freaks, yet despite this, they hold the highest positions in the government: the Card Holders of the fifty-two domains.

When her domain's Card  Holder dies, unbound seventeen-year-old Neela Blydes is forced to  participate in a tournament to find the unbound most worthy of leading  the Queen of Hearts Domain. But the tournament isn't as glorious as it  seems. It's a tournament that herds unique unbound called Specialists into deadly combat, a tournament where winning by default is nonexistent  and killing is permitted.

As Neela progresses through the rounds with her life on the line, she forges new alliances and encounters  dangerous unbound adversaries. Among them is a white-haired man with crimson eyes.

Dangerously familiar crimson eyes.