Ann Boelter

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The Viking Treasure Huntress #1

Adventure, Romance

Under the fiery Middle Eastern sun, two enemy worlds collide.

JARL,  a powerful Viking leader, returns to the rich lands near the Caspian  Sea at the helm of his magnificent new longship, The Treasure Huntress.  His forces cut a wide swath through the land, taking everything of  value—capturing or killing any who stand in their way.

NENA,  daughter of a regional war-chief, is an accomplished warrior in her own  right. Proud, strong and fiercely disciplined, her tribe has dominated  the territory for centuries, and they fear no opponent—certainly not the  beast-like, invading Northmen.

In the smoldering aftermath of a  grueling battle, they find themselves in unfamiliar positions—Nena as a  captive—Jarl wanting something he cannot have. A fierce clash of wills  ensues. Torn between passion and prejudice, conviction and taboo, love  and obligation, each is forced to question everything they knew and  everything they were sure they wanted. But realizing their heart's true  desire is not enough. Their people are still mortal enemies. To be  together they must be willing to sacrifice everything—even their lives.

Book of the Month: February 2021