Grendel's Mother

Diana Stout

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Fantasy, Historical

An Epic Fantasy - Late 5th century, early 6th century, Denmark - A 15-year-old girl dreams of freedom, with a desire to marry the young man she loves, but her father tells her that she's to wed a widower with young children, which she rejects initially. Then, a horrific event changes her life forever. Pregnant and having brought shame to her family and community, she is sacrificed to the dragon for death, but instead, the dragon saves her unbeknownst to her family and the community. This fantasy medieval tale, takes a woman from the pages of Beowulf, giving voice to her journey of societal injustice and her love of Nature that enables her to survive in the wild alone, where she gives birth and raises her child—deemed a monster—entirely on her own. From his birth, she battles to keep Grendel safe from himself and, then later, from others who would do him harm. That child is Grendel, and she is Grendel’s mother.

Book of the Month: December 2019