False Flags Over Europe

Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D

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State-terror, False Flags, NWO

Ever since the Guy Fawkes event of 1605, it has benefitted the miltary to fabricate terror events, to scare the populace into increasing their budget. This practice has only assumed centre-stage in the 21st century, with the 9/11 event. These events consolidate right-wing government and are used to demonize an innocent party, which receives the 'blame.' This book surveys such events in Europe. State-fabricated terror across Europe follows on from the great progenitor event of 9/11 - which was not what it appeared to be. These events are theatrical. They are designed, and their purpose is Eternal War - just like George Orwell predicted. We here analyse fourteen of these big 'terror' spectaculars. This is alas the main art-form of the 21st century. You need to know, how crisis actors are bring used to fool you.

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