Connect for Classroom Success

R. Janet Walraven

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Education (all ages)

Finally! Success in K-12 Classrooms Teachers: Do you feel you lack support? Are you discouraged working long hours? Are you more frustrated than gratified? Do you wonder why you chose teaching as a profession? Every teacher needs a good mentor. R. Janet Walraven, a master teacher, presents actual classroom scenarios to model effective interaction with students, parents, administrators, colleagues, and staff. In this book, you will learn how to: - Manage your classroom with confidence and competence - Communicate effectively with parents/guardians - Build a good rapport with administrators and staff - Use your time efficiently - Become a successful teacher Educating children, kindergarten through high school, is a team effort. This book is for you whether you are: - a first-year teacher or a twenty-year teacher - an administrator or staff member - a parent of a child in kindergarten or 12th grade - a substitute teacher or community member Being an educator is one of the most difficult and most important endeavors in the world. This book, with real-life scenarios and tips for K-12 classrooms, will help you find gratification and even joy in teaching. "Janet’s teaching is inspirational to students and colleagues alike. Her dedication to both learning and the education profession results in life-altering positive changes for those who make the effort. In this text, she uses real life examples to demonstrate how educators can achieve success and rewards through awareness, focus, and hard work." --James W. Ruble, M.Ed., Teacher & Author NOTE: NET PROCEEDS WILL BE USED TO GIFT COPIES TO TEACHERS.

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