Broken Branches

Vaneeta Kaur

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Silver Lining #1

Family, Supernatural, Letting Go

Set in Kensington based London, England, the plot follows Kris through his privileged life as everything is ripped from him bit by bit. When he realises that he is left with nothing, his days become monotone bringing about in him a state of mental autopilot. A beautiful supernatural miracle helps him to uncover the honesty of not just his actions, but of those around him. When he begins to open up and apply intentions and actions to parts of his life that he used to question, aspects of his world begin to light up and unravel. Magical forces show him the truth about what life is and where happiness truly lays. The novel also presents some supernatural quirks, colourful humour and genuine romance.

Loyal Lyre
An Indie Publisher
Gloucestershire, UK

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