An Angel's Mark

Christine Adwoa Owusuaa

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Epic Fantasy, Paranormal, Adventure

In the beginning God said, "Let there be light!" and now it could all end up in darkness. As humanity gives in to the darkness within them, the doors to Hell crack open, ever wider. Lucifer sits upon his throne in his new stronghold above the surface and awaits God's final challenge, having planned for just about everything God could use against him, defiant in his belief that he will never again rule the scorching pits below. Lucifer’s only weakness is the crippling pride that caused him to fall in the first place, it blinds him to the seven human women that have the power to defeat him. The marked ones, alone, have the power to remind Lucifer of his rightful place. However, Lucifer is not the only being unaware of their powers, they themselves have no knowledge of their gifts. So, since Eve helped place humanity on the path to self-destruction, it will take seven of her female descendants and their angelic guardians to take them off of it. After all, God is nothing, if not a fan of irony.

Loyal Lyre
An Indie Publisher
Gloucestershire, UK

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