SCANDAL in Boston

True love never dies… Orphaned as a child, Devora doesn’t know about her real mother or that the woman has been blackmailing her Uncle Max for years. She’s just deliriously happy growing up on the wharves in Boston with him and dreams of sailing her own vessel. And when she falls in love with Lucas McDaniel, the handsome, mild-mannered helmsman on one of her uncle’s ships, it seems her every dream is about to come true. Maximillian Thayer would do anything to prevent Devora from knowing about Lydia Corbett, even killing the woman if he had the chance. But the blackmail scheme takes a vicious turn. Lucas must sail on a deadly voyage to protect Devora and when he’s lost at sea, Max entangles himself in a wicked web of lies. Yet, Lydia is hellbent on destroying Max. She moves to Boston behind his back, secretly befriends her daughter and ruthlessly steals everything Max treasures away from him.

Loyal Lyre
An Indie Publisher
Gloucestershire, UK

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