Julia Rohwedder


I'm a digital freelance artist based in Germany.

In 2006 I got my hands on Photoshop and started experimenting with digital compositions for the first time. Inspired by all the wonderful images on DeviantArt, I developed my own skills and style. While first exploring dreamy fantasy themes, I taught myself by reading tutorials, books, looking close at everything I saw. Soon my work got a more emotion-based emphasis and after that the dark art genre captured me.

I love creating gloomy atmospheres but I still didn't ban any other style. Often you can find beautiful and ugly elements in my images - somehow this is a concept that slipped in. Basically I try to express reality in another contrasting and emotional level.


I make digital art that would fit fantasy genres and books with a darker tone, it could also accompany light horror.


Book cover art: It will depend on the level of difficulty and amount of images included. I want to give you a fair service and so we should talk about what is affordable for you and what kind of image you want me to create. Prices are individual.


I have worked on three book covers for Penguin Books and Dtv. Another cover art for a Photoshop DVD by Rheinwerk Verlag (former Galileo Press) and Tutorials for them. My images were featured in an art book called Obscene Seduction and a school book.


I studied digital design and my expertise lies in combining photographic elements and little painted elements or effects into new image worlds.

Julia Rohwedder

Inside Me

Julia Rohwedder


Julia Rohwedder

Blue II

Julia Rohwedder

Death of Humanity

Julia Rohwedder

Fluttering Wings of Decay

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