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Featuring Your Book


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This scheme is free of charge, and intended to open up indie writers, new or established, to new readers, especially those interested in enhancing their reading lists with independent authors.
Loyal Lyre purchases and reads at least one indie book per month under the Book of the Month scheme. Where your book is accepted the purchase and reading will take place at some point in your allotted month. Only books available in paperback format can be accepted at this time.
This service will not produce an automatic five-lyre review because it is independent. Your book will be assessed on its merits, and the review will be honest and in-depth enough to provide a complete overview.
Please be aware there is only one reader, and so once your book is accepted be patient in awaiting your review, and it is appreciated you do not chase this up – I can be very busy like I imagine you are!
If for any reason your book cannot be read in the allotted month it will be made priority for the following month. If it is finished early, the next month’s book may be brought forward to share the allotted month.
There are rare occasions where a Book of the Month allotment may be best served not being reviewed. You will be contacted if this is the case, with discretion and reasoning.
Reviews are posted on Loyal Lyre, Goodreads and Amazon. If there are specific websites other than these you wish the review to be posted, this can be arranged through contact before review, or if you release the book later on another platform.
Regardless of lyre-rating featured books will be shown on the Book of the Month page in month order and will be given a book blurb page with purchase link(s).
Links to the book on Amazon and the author’s page on Goodreads (and other retailers where requested) will be added to the review post and pages specifically featuring your book.

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